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Norgren Music? Simply Music by Norgren... (and friends)

Welcome to the Norgren Music home page. Here, you can read about Bosse Norgren, listen to old and new versions of original music. And yes, I've recently started to add a few cover songs after asking the Swedish organization STIM, who take care of composers' immaterial rights. According to them, it's perfectly okay to publish covers as long as you credit the composers and lyrics authors. And don't rearrange them too much.

Note: By now, there are quite a few versions of my tune 'Svensk sås'. Apart from the ones I have made, there are several others out there. So I've collected the ones that I found and put them in a special section at the top of the 'original music' page.

Below that is a concert that we did with Monica Törnell on 1977-11-30. A recording from the Swedish Radio program Tonkraft, back then the largest live program for the prog scene.

Then come the recordings that Peter and myself have made over the years. Plus an old album that I, the drummer and guitarist from Monica Törnell's New Band did. The songs are presented in a reverse chronological order: Newest first.

There's a special section, the link at the far right above. 50 years later is what me and a couple of old musician friends call our project nowadays.